ashley koett



Pigeons & Planes

"The Texas-born Coloradan is something of a quadruple threat: she sings (more on that later), plays guitar, writes lyrics, and co-directed her first video. She codes, too. All of those talents bring their own form of creative expression, a unique catharsis that materialized onscreen. "If you’re laughing about something sad," she tells us, "That instantly makes it not as shitty."
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Girl Underground Music

"The cooler shade of blue that engulfs the track is spirited with a jazz influence primarily within Koett’s flexible vocals. Mid-way there’s a sense of loss, hurt and ultimate rolling with motions as Koett acknowledges that “you’re not my lover anymore” yet continues her hazy like state of mind, bouncing from acceptance to denial. Bright and brassy back-up vocals provide the track’s warmth and tender appeal."
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Indie Shuffle

"I'm in love with Ashley Koett's voice and maybe that's personal, somehow. It sounds like a girl I once knew whose named was Jamie. Maybe it's the hints of pain in her delivery that I can hear, that I love. More simply, it could just be how powerfully the raspiness of her voice resonates with me."
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me on stage
photo by Ainsley Gilbard
me on stage
photo by Elijah Jarocki
me on stage
photo by Jen Keller
me on stage
photo by Jack Brownson